i just translated the french ‘habitant’ into english as ‘liver.’ i give up


sansa stark’s strength is legendary

es gibt einen Grund dass sie ‘stark’ heißt

Anonymous asked: hey :) I'm the one who told you that you could say 'je viens d'Inde' I hope I didn't offend you I just tried to help and make a joke but obviously I failed ahah ! anyway have a good day petite dinde ;)

noooo oh my goodness thank you so much for mentioning it and i appreciate it a lot (as will my followers who didn’t know that!!!) i was just clarifying that i was joking (in order to makes language jokes work, half the time the grammar has to be completely wrong, sadly enough :P ) toi aussi, mon ami(e?) !

Anonymous asked: You could say "je viens d'Inde" in french it's much more natural and people won't assume that you gonna be eaten on Thanksgiving !

Ah, thank you! (I am aware that you need a definite article before the country by the way, I just thought it would be an amusing joke)

Anonymous asked: on a related note, the turkish word for a turkey is hindi.

… that is my favourite thing ever

it’s hard telling people that you’re indian in french because ‘je suis d’Inde’ sounds almost exactly like ‘je suis dinde’ and i don’t want people thinking that i’m a turkey

what item of clothing do spanish ducks always wear?

sus zapatos

800 followers??? i cry

thank you so much my friends <3


qual lingua é o mais atlético??????